Open and Extendable Deep Learning Platform

Build, train and collaborate on your deep learning models in open and extendable GPU optimized environments.

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Build and Explore with Powerful Workspaces

Instantly launch CPU or GPU workspaces to interactively explore your data and build your models with the tools you already know.

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Train and Iterate Quickly with Parallel Jobs

Train and compare your models in parallel. Your code, parameters, datasets and results are version controlled and accessible in one easy to use interface.

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Collaborate and Share Publicly or Privately

Easily share, fork, clone and add collaborators to your projects and datasets.

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Version Control

Your code, parameters, results and datasets are all automatically version controlled.

Simple CLI

Automate your AI infrastructure management and integrate it with your CI/CD tools.

AutoML Framework

Flexible and open source AutoML framework for hyperparameter optimization.